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News, Wednesday October 21

Ton Roosendaal on Twitter

Portrait of Ton Roosendaal, made 100% in Blender

Videos Nominated for Blender’s Suzanne Awards
Crazy Glue:

Blender Add-on: Tissue

Blender Market: Easy Clouds Add-on – Interactive cloud generator

News, Friday October 16

Blender on Steam
with Blender 2013 Show Reel:

Blender VFX Tip: Film look and lens flares

More tutorials from Kenan Proffitt

Quick tip: Texture Painting in Blender

Andrew Price Podcast: Making Short Films with Pablo Vazquez

News, Monday October 12


Suzanne Awards: Voting is open

Blender 2.76 Released!

Architectural Visualization: Downstairs House

Blender Cloth Simulation: Miku-san’s Skirt

3D Rendering: New Freestyle Line Style Modifiers Infographic

Free 3D Blender model download, and timelapse video: Hand

News, Friday October 9

Randomvert’s One Blender Project A Day

Animation Nodes – Installation and Basics

Review: Animation Nodes Addon

Blender developer sneak peek #25 – More New Features in Blender 2.76

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Adventures in Blender


Ton Roosendaal on Twitter

Blender Non-Photorealistic Rendering, on Twitter