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Digital Water

Water splash simulation – demo

Creating Your First Fluid Simulation in Blender

Blender 2.72 – Simple Rain on Water

Blender 2.72 Tutorial – Making Rain

Create Splashes : Blender Tutorial : Fluid Sim + Ocean Modifer!

Andrew Price Tutorial: How to Create Realistic Puddles

Blender Reference Manual

Animated Particle Systems

Cycles 2014 reel

Cycles Demoreel 2015

Blender Reference Manual: Particles

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Particle Systems

Blender 2.65 – Quick Tutorial V – Particles

Blender 2.68 Tutorial – All About Particles

Blender 3D Tutorial – Beginners Intro to Emitter Particle Systems by VscorpianC

Sardi Pax’s Blender Particles Tutorials

My talk on Sunday!

Visual EffectsOn Sunday I’ll present an evening of video clips of examples of the current state and future potential of special effects in the world of filmmaking. I’ll review the latest technical breakthroughs in the field demonstrated at last month’s SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles, as well as explore the aesthetic and creative potential of these technologies.

MUM’s Arts Center Theater is on the top floor of the former student union building on Dr. Robert Keith Wallace Drive, east of the Dreier Building and west of the MUM Rec Center.

For more information, contact program administrator Kesha Nelson at (642) 472-7000 extension 5031.