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Homework, Monday October 19

To get a good grade on your homework each night, in your homework report to me please be specific. For example, if you watched some video tutorials, send me the Web links to them. If you worked on a Blender project, spend five minutes describing briefly what you did.

For your homework tonight, please again spend 90 to 120 minutes doing this:

  • Work on creating material for Assignment 1, described in the class syllabus (first draft due date: 10 AM October 17), and/or
  • Optionally, work on creating material for Assignment 2, described in the class syllabus (to submit first draft by 10 AM October 21), but note that Assignment 2 is now completely optional, and/or
  • Optionally, view Blender-related materials (which could include videos, tutorials, Web resources, etc.), and/or
  • Optionally, work with Blender, and/or
  • Optionally, shoot video for potential use in projects for this class, and/or
  • Optionally, write down and/or sketch ideas for possible projects you might work on for this class. Have fun!
  • Spend 5 minutes writing a short paragraph describing specifically what you did (which tutorials you worked with, what you did with Blender, etc.) and send it to